McCain slips, almost credits ‘Joe the Bomber’ for rise in polls.

During an interview with a local Norfolk, VA ABC affiliate last week, John McCain was asked why he was not beating Barack Obama in the state, considering Virginia has voted for a Republican president in every election since 1964. McCain replied that he is doing better in more recent polling and nearly cited “Joe the Bomber” as the reason. He quickly corrected himself, saying “[U]h — Joe the Plumber”:

Q: [W]ith Virginia a reliably red state dating all the way back to 1964, how come you’re not doing better in the polls in Virginia?

MCCAIN: We’re doing much better actually, there’s a poll out today that shows we’re within about three so we’re moving up and moving up fast. And look, Joe the Bomb — uh — Joe the Plumber turned the whole thing around.

Watch it: