McCain Suggests Lieberman As Possible Secretary Of Defense

In his semi-weekly blogger conference call today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) heaped praise upon Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who has endorsed McCain’s GOP presidential bid. McCain told the bloggers that he would like Lieberman to serve in his administration:

I would definitely want Joe Lieberman to play a part — particularly in national security issues — in my administration.

Commenting on RedState, Adam C — who was also on the conference call — said that McCain’s comment indicated that the senator was considering Lieberman to head of the Pentagon: “That sounds like a possible SecDef to me.”

McCain and Lieberman have been foreign policy soulmates, consistently pushing for sending more troops to Iraq. More recently, they have ignored the advice of U.S. military commanders and rushed to declare victory in the war. In late November, McCain told ABC News that “we’ve succeeded militarily” in Iraq. A day later, Lieberman told Fox News, “We are winning.”


Installing Lieberman to oversee national security in a Republican administration has been a right-wing dream for quite some time. In March 2006, the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes suggested President Bush appoint Lieberman as Secretary of State. Additionally, in 2005, both Andrew Sullivan and CBS News’s Bob Schieffer suggested Lieberman as Secretary of Defense.

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