McCain Tells Tea Partiers: GOP Is ‘Party Of Hell No’ And Fox News Is ‘The Best Place To Get Your News’

Our guest blogger is Sam Holdren, a social worker and progressive activist in Arizona.

This past weekend, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) addressed a tea party rally in Arizona. Recall, during his primary campaign, many tea partiers opposed McCain and favored his opponent J.D. Hayworth. Speaking at the 2nd annual Tucson Tea Party rally Saturday, McCain was greeted with a warm reception. And he proceeded to compliment the right-wing base for “changing America.”

McCain also proudly celebrated the Republican accomplishments of obstructionism, borrowing a line from his former running mate Sarah Palin. “You know the President says that, quote, we’re the party of no,” McCain told the tea partiers. “ No, we’re not the ‘party of no.’ We’re the ‘party of hell no.’” In his opening remarks, McCain also thanked Fox News for its strong support of Republican causes, endorsing Fox as “the best place to get your news.” Watch it:


The Republican Party has a vested interest in the success of Fox News. The right-wing network has carried the party’s message for them and several of their commentators, and hosts are helping Republican candidates get elected. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) recently credited Fox for many of the tea party victories against establishment candidates. Republicans owe it to Fox to legitimize and perpetuate the tea party, so why not make a commercial for the network while you’re at it.