McCain tells the mother of all lies about the soccer mom

In a campaign notable for its lies by the Arizona Senator (see “In HIS big speech, McCain’s 10 energy lies top Palin’s 4 energy lies”) and for lies by and about his VP choice (see “Slick Sarah, the make-believe maverick”) we have the mother of all lies. McCain is asked by a reporter about Palin’s national security credentials, and he (eventually) answers:

She knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America.

This time it’s personal. I mean seriously. Palin hardly knows anything at all about energy (see “Pork queen Palin is an earmark expert, NOT energy expert”). Heck, she knows very little even about oil if it doesn’t come from Alaska (see “Most revealing Palin energy whopper: Iran could cut off a fifth of the world’s energy supplies”).

I’m not sure what to be most scared about — the lie or that McCain tells it with a perfectly straight face, as this video shows (at about 4 minutes in).


H/t to Americablog.