McCain website posts commentary calling Hillary Clinton a ‘B*tch.’

Recently, Sen. John McCain has been reaching out to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) supporters by lavishing praise on Clinton. But a “news article” posted on McCain’s website may undermine those efforts. The “article,” which is actually a reader’s comment made at Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, refers to Clinton as “the B*tch”:

Fred Thompson is good but pointless. He clearly doesn’t want to be in this race. His wife must really want to be First Lady. Paul is hopeless. Huckabee is at least sincere, but I just feel that nominating him is tantamount to giving away the store. He’s a big-government liberal with the compassion of Jimmy Carter and a nanny-state busybody of the highest order. I’d rather have the Bitch. At least she’d balance the budget. You know, like her husband did.

This isn’t the first time McCain has been associated with such insulting descriptions of Clinton. In 2007, after a supporter asked him “how do we beat the b*tch,” McCain replied “that’s an excellent question.” (HT: Americablog)

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The McCain campaign has quietly taken down the offending news article. View a saved image of it here.