McCain’s campaign starting ‘major outreach’ to lobbyists.

The Politico reports that Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign manager, Rick Davis, a former lobbyist himself, “is quietly selling [McCain’s] gameplan to the inside-the-beltway crowd,” giving presentations to major Washington lobbyists:

The previous night, Davis was giving a similar, if broader, presentation to a smaller group of the capital’s top lobbyists and p.r. gurus at Johnny’s Half Shell, a Capitol Hill watering hole.

Davis spoke to about 30 people, according to a lobbyist who attended, and described the gathering as the manager’s “first major outreach to the Washington community.”

Present were top officials from energy and utility concerns such as Nuclear Energy Institute, Edison Electric, the American Petroleum Institute, American Gas Association and Exelon. Also there were senior executives from heavyweight p.r. firms Edelman and Burson Martseller.