McCain’s error on Petraeus’s role.

Today during his appearance at the Associated Press’s annual meeting, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was asked if he was “open to diverting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan” in order to catch Osama bin Laden.” McCain replied, “I would not do that unless General Petraeus said that he felt that the situation called for that.” Watch it:

But as the Army Times points out, Petraeus has nothing to do with the decision to move troops to Afghanistan:

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain of Arizona may not have been paying the closest of attention last week during hearings on the Bush administration’s Iraq policy. […]


Petraeus, however, made clear last week that he has nothing to do with the decision. Testifying last week before four congressional committees, including the Senate Armed Services Committee on which McCain is the ranking Republican, Petraeus said the decision about whether troops could be shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan was not his responsibility because his portfolio is limited to the multi-national force in Iraq.