McCaskill on impeaching Jay Bybee: ‘I think we have to look at it.’

This morning on Fox News, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said that, while she agreed with President Obama’s decision not to prosecute CIA agents who carried out torture, more scrutiny needs to be directed at the “lawyers who gave this advice”:

What’s scary to me, Chris, is that one of them got a lifetime appointment on a federal bench. Yikes! You know, a lawyer that’s responsible for this kind of advice that clearly went too far in terms of stretching what our law is. It worries me that he’s sitting on the federal bench right now.

She then said she doesn’t want to “look in the rearview mirror.” Asked by host Chris Wallace whether she would favor the impeachment of the judge, Jay Bybee, McCaskill responded, “I don’t know. I think we have to look at it.” Watch it:


Steve Benen writes, “The question shouldn’t be whether to impeach Jay Bybee, but rather, how quickly the impeachment hearings can begin.”