McClellan Still Using 2003 Talking Points on Sudan

We were pleased to hear Scott McClellan asked about Sudan at today’s press briefing, but were wondering why his talking points hadn’t been updated since 2003. Here are a few highlights from today:

McClellan: “We have been strongly engaged in efforts to end the suffering in Darfur”

It has been nearly four months since President Bush uttered the word “Darfur” in public.

McClellan: “John Danforth was someone who worked very closely with the government of Sudan and the opposition.”


Note to McClellan: John Danforth is no longer working on Sudan for the administration, either as Special Envoy (left in June 2004), or as Ambassador to the U.N (left in January 2005).

Another note to McClellan: Neither of Danforth’s posts have been filled.

McClellan: “The violence must end in Darfur.”

For additional empty threats, see briefings from: July 16, 2004; November 16, 2004; January 10, 2005

McClellan: “And we have been very supportive of the African Union mission.”

Just last week, the White House successfully pressured Congress to strip provisions of the Darfur Accountability Act from the Supplemental Appropriations Bill that called for a more robust U.S. response to the genocide, beyond $50 million for logistical support.

— Ken Gude and Peter Ogden