McConnell: Employee Free Choice Act will ‘fundamentally harm America and Europeanize America.’

Today in a press conference at the National Press Club, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attacked “narrow interest groups” in Washington, such as labor unions. Specifically, he went after the Employee Free Choice Act:

I came here to speak about bi-partisanship, but this is an issue on which there will be no bi-partisanship. … This is an outrageous proposal. It will fundamentally harm America and Europeanize America and we will have a big political fight over this.

McConnell also claimed that “rank and file” union members aren’t “clamoring” for the Employee Free Choice Act to be passed. Watch it:


The Wonk Room’s Pat Garofalo noted that to back up his “facts,” McConnell trotted out statistics that he learned from former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao…who is also his wife. More on McConnell’s appearance here.