McNabb Redux: Limbaugh Trashes Golf Prodigy Michelle Wie

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has turned his guns on 16-year-old golf prodigy Michelle Wie. In a recent interview with

[Wie is] a triumph of marketing. … Do you think these PGA Tour guys really think she deserves to be a tournament with them? The political-correctness situation will just not allow them to say it. … [Golf champion Vijay Singh, who was criticized for saying of another female player, “If I’m drawn with her, which I won’t be, I won’t play”] learned like many people in our unfortunate society where political correctness is prized most. Vijay was honest and look what it got him. Attacked by a bunch of liberals and femi-nazis.

Michelle Wie is the best 16-year-old golfer in the world, male or female. At age 12, she became the youngest player ever to qualify for an LPGA (women’s) tournament. In recent months, she has played three PGA Tour events, where she scored better than 86 professional male golfers.


Prominent PGA tour golfers have praised Wie. PGA champ Davis Love III said Wie “probably has one of the best golf swings I’ve ever seen, period,” and two-time U.S. Open champion Ernie Els said, “there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be out here.” Apparently, Limbaugh believes that if it wasn’t for the “liberals and femi-nazis” and “the political-correctness situation” Love and Els would also be trashing Wie. (Nevermind that she reguarly drives the ball over 300 yards. Check out her incredible swing here.)

In 2003, Limbaugh was lambasted for claiming that five-time Pro Bowl Quarterback Donovan McNabb “got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn’t deserve” because the media was “very desirous that a black quarterback do well.” Limbaugh resigned from ESPN’s NFL Countdown soon after.