Medco CEO: McCain’s Health Care Plan ‘Will Create Chaos’

Yesterday, at an event promoting health care reform, “David B. Snow Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Medco Health Solutions, one of the country’s largest health care companies,” argued that “Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s plan to eliminate the tax break for employer-provided health insurance ‘will create chaos’”:

I’m very frightened of the conversations that try to shift responsibility away from employers to individuals…There will be more uninsured.

Snow is not the first industry leader to criticize the tenets of McCain’s health care plan. In August, Humana CEO Mike McCallister endorsed the progressive prescription of universal health insurance:

We don’t have the right economic model because not everyone is in the risk pool….getting everyone in the risk pool or getting them covered is the right thing to do. We’re wealthy nation, we should find a way to do that.


Most Americans agree with Snow and McCallister, at least in part. According to the latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, only 39 percent of Americans think that McCain would “better handle” health care.

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