Media Ignores Majority Of Health Care Decisions To Focus On Judges Striking Down Affordable Care Act

Only two Republicans judges have struck down portions of the Affordable Care Act, both of whom filed error-ridden opinions that not only ignored precedent, but also literally wrote part of the Constitution out of the founding document. Meanwhile, the majority of the judges to hear challenges to the ACA have tossed those challenges out of court — including one judge earlier this week. Yet despite the weight of precedent, judicial opinion and the Constitution itself firmly against these meritless lawsuits, the media has tripped over itself to give the opposite impression:

Yesterday, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a poll showing that 22 percent of the country incorrectly believes that the Affordable Care Act has been repealed and another 26 percent are either unsure or unwilling to say. With the press going out of their way to misinform the public about the state of the law, it’s easy to guess why the public has become so misinformed.


The Washington Post’s Ombudsman can be e-mailed at and politely asked why his paper believes that opinions upholding the Affordable Care Act are less worthy of coverage than outlier decisions striking down the law.