Media Matters will run ad campaign on CNN condemning Dobbs’ birther sympathies. (Updated)

Recently, CNN host Lou Dobbs joined the ranks of the birther movement, demanding that President Obama release his birth certificate to prove that he was born in the United States. Although CNN President Jon Klein originally told Dobbs to stop pursuing a “dead” story, he later backed off, telling the Washington Post that Dobbs’ critics are “people with a partisan point of view from one extreme or another.” Now, Media Matters has put together a new 30-second ad — which will air starting Tuesday on Fox News, MSNBC, and even during Dobbs’ show on CNN — calling attention to Dobbs’ affinity for the birthers’ demands. Watch it:

Dobbs has responded to the ad campaign by labeling Media Matters a “rabid left-wing operation.”



Sam Stein reports that “a source at Media Matters says that cable providers have refused to let it run on CNN — for all but a portion of the New York viewing audience.”