Media’s Handling Of Marty Peretz Versus Helen Thomas Highlights Double Standard

Over the past weeks, Marty Peretz, the editor in chief of The New Republic, has been criticized for a number of offensive statements about Muslims, including a claim that “Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims.” I penned an op-ed in today’s Boston Globe comparing the Peretz affair to the way reporter Helen Thomas was treated after making an offensive remark about Jews and Israel. Noting that Peretz has engaged in this sort of language against Muslims and Arabs for decades, I point out that Peretz “continues to receive a special dispensation for these libels, while Thomas received public condemnation and a pink slip for her single denial of Jewish national claims”:

Condemning Thomas’s remarks, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote that they were “rooted in the same grotesque motivation’’ as Holocaust denial: “To deny to Jews the truth of their own history.’’

This is, of course, precisely what Peretz attempted to do to the Palestinians for years, yet Goldberg has, to date, issued no similar condemnation.

By upholding a double standard for these slanders, or simply ignoring them, too many journalists have effectively abetted them.


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