Meet 34 corporations that help inflate the NRA’s membership

Editors note, 2/23/18: This list was originally published in 2013 and is no longer up-to-date. A fully updated list for 2018 is available HERE.

While the National Rifle Association claims millions of members, polls show the vast majority of the group’s members disagree with the national leadership’s hard-line opposition to gun violence prevention efforts. But despite the out-of-touch NRA executives, Americans might well join for another reason: massive financial incentives.

A recent NRA promotion invited people to join at a discounted $25 rate. In addition to receiving an official membership card, a subscription to an association magazine, and free gun insurance, new members received a $25 gift card for Bass Pro Shops, making the membership essentially free.

In addition to those incentives, members of the NRA and its business alliance receive a bevy of other discounts courtesy of the Association’s corporate affiliates. National and local companies provide discounts on everything from car rentals to identity theft protection. The companies get listed on the NRA’s site as corporate partners and can promote themselves as “NRA endorsed.” And, in some cases, the NRA gets a percentage of the profits.

Among the companies are:

The LA Times reported in January that the global advocacy site is encouraging Facebook users to urge Best Western and Wyndham “to get out of bed with the extremist NRA.”

A spokeswoman for one listed partner, Palo Alto Software, told ThinkProgress that it had ended its corporate partnership with the NRA and no longer offers a discount to NRA members. The NRA affiliate link, she said in an e-mail, is “outdated” and the company expects it to be removed “this week.”

ThinkProgress reached out to all of the other companies and the NRA for comment. Representatives for FedEx, Hertz and Lockton Affinity declined to comment on their “proprietary” relationships with the NRA. The others did not respond to inquiries by press time.