Meet Bruce Majors: The Tea Partier Advising Beck Rally-Goers To Stay Off The Green And Yellow Lines

On Monday, a Maine tea party blog created a sensation when it published a “visitor’s guide” to Washington, D.C. for tea party activists coming to the city this weekend to attend Fox News host Glenn Beck’s big rally. The guide was widely mocked on blogs and cable news for its paranoid warnings about the vast majority of the city, but overlooked so far is the author of the guide — right-wing activist Bruce Majors.

While the guide’s absurd warnings could be dismissed as written by an overly-cautious out-of-towner who doesn’t understand D.C., Majors should know better — he’s “lived and worked in DC since 1980 (in 3 of the cities 4 quadrants),” according to his blog.

But “Majors is no mere small-time troll or newcomer.” He is an active “Tea Party community organizer in Washington, D.C.,” and a major online organizer, especially at Tea Party Patriots. On that site, he is the second biggest poster of all time, with 2277 messages, to the group’s official email listerv:

He’s organized protests online, and is the owner of the Tea Party Professionals group on Linkedin. He was also identified as a “LP [Libertarian Party] campaigner and everyone’s-facebook-friend” by a libertarian blog. He also appears to have written for the American Spectator, among other publications.


A frequent commenter on progressive blogs, Majors describes himself on his profile as an “Anarcho-capitalist revolutionary sharpening his guillotine.” On Talking Points Memo — where he was flagged with a “Troll Alert” and the subject to a lengthy profile — his bio states that he is “[l]ooking for employment as guillotine operator for citizens’ tribunal.”

Indeed, elsewhere in Majors ‘extensive online presence, there is a clear flirtation with violence as a political tool. In a Facebook note titled “We will remember in November,” Majors listed the names of all the members of Congress who voted for the Affordable Care Act — dubbed the “The Executioner’s List” — followed by a picture of a guillotine and accompanied by this call to action:

Call Capitol Hill and promise them retribution. Not just in their next race, but in their attempt to run for or be appointed to ANY office, and any private enterprise they will engage in in the future. And any member of their family.

Commenting on a TPM story, Majors wrote, “Poor walking cadaver [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid [D-NV] shouldn’t run fake tea party candidates to split the opposition vote against him. Someone might drop a plane on him. They already dropped a truck on his family,” referring to a car accident that seriously injured Reid’s wife and daughter. His Facebook page also features two jokes about President Obama’s death (and that he is a Muslim), and a picture of a sign referencing the Thomas Jefferson quote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Like his visitor’s guide, which offered advice to dealing with “African immigrants,” Major’s other writings have clear racial undertones. In a tweet linking to an article about Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and affirmative action, Majors wrote, “Kagan says Obama is ‘my niggah.’” In another tweet linking to a video of Obama, Majors tweeted, “Poor little flop eared bitch. People are so mean to him.” Upon news of White House economic adviser Christina Romer’s upcoming departure, Majors tweeted, “Congratulations Christiina Romer! A house slave is now free. But all us field slaves are still in chains!” On the Shirley Sherrod dust up, Majors wrote:

[I]t is clear that most black Democrats in politics & the media are complete knaves and idiots (much like their white counterparts). The purpose of their constant race focus is, as Angela Codevilla discusses in his American Spectator article, to have a charge, racism, which which they can convict average Americans of a crime so they can then demand to enslave them.

Majors also posted a picture on his Facebook page comparing First Lady Michele Obama to Chewbacca from Star Wars:

In addition, Majors appears to be a birther, posting images on his Facebook page of a forged Kenyan birth certificate that birthers claim is authentic, and several birther joke images, including a sign saying, “Illegal immigration is destroying this county — look what it did to the White House.”


TPM’s Troll Watch reported that Majors has also conducted “direct e-mail harassment and identity theft against liberals,” using stolen screen names to harass commentors on blogs he has been banned from. Indeed, he is the subject of several threads on online forums warning about his harassment, and he reportedly told one woman who accused him of using multiple screen names to hide his identity, “you silly facist bitch. Do not tell me what screen name I can use or what I am free to say.”


In the comments section, Majors unloaded on ThinkProgress, calling us “Podesta concubines” and “little sissies.” He denied that he is a birther and noted that the real estate listings linked to above are out of date. “The rest of your article is equally uninformed and dishonest, but then you were hired to toss [George] Soros’s salad and not much else,” Majors continued, without offering specific corrections. “I suspect little ticks like you are going to have to see more fun made of Odumbie and Michelle Antoinette as time wears on. Suck it up, quislings!” he concluded.