Meet Larry SECEDE Kilgore: The Candidate For Texas Governor Whose Name Is His Platform

Larry SECEDE Kilgore believes that gay people should be executed, but he’s willing to set this view aside to pursue a bigger goal. “If there was a homosexual running that was a secessionist,” Mr. SECEDE Kilgore told Long Star Q’s John Wright, “I would support him.”

Indeed, SECEDE Kilgore believes so intensely in the single issue that drives his campaign that he legally changed his middle name to “SECEDE” in 2012.

Though SECEDE Kilgore claims that “[t]he only position I have is secession,” his Facebook page offers several clues about how he would govern Texas until the day when the Lone Star state becomes a independent republic. Unsurprisingly, SECEDE Kilgore is not a fan of Obamacare, so don’t expect him to reverse his state’s decision to deny health care to 1.5 million Texans who would be eligible for benefits under the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. He also appears none too happy with the Justice Department’s efforts to fight voter suppression in Texas. And he’s a fan of former Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) far right vision of monetary policy.


If Texas does secede quickly, however, SECEDE Kilgore may not be in power long enough to implement a broader agenda. He pledges to leave public office for “at least one year” once secession occurs.

Should SECEDE Kilgore get the urge to run again, however, the people of the newly independent Republic of Texas may want to watch their language. During a 2007 bid for the Senate, Mr. SECEDE Kilgore — then known simply as “Larry Kilgore” — campaigned on promises to execute adulterers and doctors who perform abortions, the later within 24 hours of conviction. Injuring another person would literally follow the rule of “an eye for an eye,” and “vulgar sexual language” would result in a flogging.