Meet The New Boss: Tom Perriello

Today, the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAPAF) — the home of ThinkProgress and the advocacy arm of the Center for American Progress (CAP) — announced some new leadership changes. Former Virginia Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello will be the president of CAPAF, and Tara McGuinness will be the head of our communications operations.

Perriello was a principled champion for progressive causes during his time in the House. Explaining his support for the Affordable Care Act, Perriello said, “My ultimate goal is not to get reelected. It’s to know that I did the best damn job I could representing the people of the 5th District and making a difference.” He ran a tough uphill campaign in 2010, arguing, “The choice in this election fundamentally is whether you’re with the people or want to protect the powerful, and the Republicans have shown they want to protect the powerful.” He ultimately lost, but stated, “It’s more important to do what’s right than what’s easy.” We’re proud to have Tom as part of our team.


As for Tara, she’s been a critical ally in helping me grow ThinkProgress’ staff, resources, and impact. With her continuing support, you can expect us to keep up the progressive fight and find new ways of being effective.