Meet The Press Roundtable To Feature Christian Broadcasting Network Blogger

ThinkProgress has learned that this Sunday’s edition of NBC’s Meet the Press will include a journalist roundtable featuring David Brody, a blogger and news correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network. CBN was founded in 1961 by religious right leader Pat Robertson.

NBC analyst Chuck Todd is also booked for the segment, ThinkProgress learned, and other journalists are likely to be added. The problem is not Brody’s appearance on the program per se, but rather that Meet the Press has an established record of featuring more conservative journalists than progressive journalists during its roundtables.

As Media Matters documented in its report, “If It’s Sunday, It’s Still Conservative”:

While overall most journalist guests were centrist or nonpartisan — either centrist columnists like David Broder or neutral reporters for major news organizations — those that had an identifiable ideology were far more likely to be conservative. […]


[D]uring this two-year period, conservatives outnumbered progressives [on Meet the Press] 35 to 25. The other two shows conduct weekly roundtables that consistently favor conservatives.

We’ll be watching to see if a progressive is booked to balance Brody.

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