Mellow Out or You Will Pay

Benjy Sarlin had the inspired idea of asking Jello Biafra what he thinks about Jerry Brown’s political comeback:

How does Biafra view Brown today? The singer says he’s admired Brown’s support for a variety of liberal causes over the intervening years, but maintains that the politician never won him over completely.

“His record as mayor is mixed at best,” Biafra, a Bay area resident, said. “There was a lot of gentrification that went on, but who did it benefit? Plus he never stood up to the Oakland police, who are as corrupt and out of control as any rogue department in this country.”


I suppose on soft on incumbent politicians, but this doesn’t actually sound like a mixed record as mayor to me. If someone is elected someplace, and does some things that lead to some improvements, and the worst thing you can say about him is that he failed to solve certain long-festering problems, then what you’re basically saying is that he did a good job.