Michele Bachmann: The IRS Will Kill People Through Obamacare

During an interview with World Net Daily, former Republican presidential aspirant Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) raised the question: could Obamacare allow the IRS to “deny or delay” conservatives’ access to medical care?

Bachmann’s musings come on the heels of an ongoing IRS scandal centering on the agency’s improper scrutiny of conservative political groups. While right-wing commentators and politicians are already using the incident to smear the health law by raising questions about IRS access to Americans’ private medical data, Bachmann took things one step further:

Since the IRS also is the chief enforcer of Obamacare requirements, [Bachmann] asked whether the IRS’s admission means it “will deny or delay access to health care” for conservatives.

At this point, she said, that “is a reasonable question to ask.” […]

[S]hould Americans fear their government may try to harm them if they are conservative?

“It now is an entirely reasonable question for the American people to ask,” she said. “Will Obamacare be so politicized and misused?”

The IRS has been processing information about Americans’ health care for decades, since approximately 160 million Americans write off their tax-deductible employer-provided health benefits each year. There has been no evidence of any kind of privacy impropriety in all of that time.


Under Obamacare, the IRS will be responsible for determining whether or not Americans have insurance so that it can use household income data to provide consumers with government subsidies to buy health coverage. The agency will not determine if, when, or what benefits are provided to Americans.

This isn’t the first time Bachmann has made outlandish comments about Obamacare or health care in general. The congresswoman has previously asserted that Obamacare will “literally” kill people and propagated debunked conspiracy theories claiming that the HPV vaccine causes young girls to become “sexually promiscuous.”