Michigan Mayor Facing Recall Doubles Down On Anti-Gay Rhetoric With ‘Smoking Lifestyle’ Comparison

Janice Daniels, mayor of Troy, Michigan, has made a national name for herself thanks to her anti-gay rhetoric — so much so that voters are threatening to recall her. A month after her election last fall, it was discovered she had made comments on Facebook expressing her disdain for New York “now that queers can get married there.” Then, in January, a group of high school students accused her of calling homosexuality a “mental disease” at an open forum. Though she denied it, the recording confirmed that she wanted to bring in psychiatrists who would say “the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous.” Yesterday morning, she doubled down on this rhetoric in a conversation with morning radio host Charlie Langton, comparing the dangers of “the homosexual lifestyle” to the dangers of “the smoking lifestyle”:

DANIELS: I said one thing in a business meeting. I said that I would bring a doctor in to tell our high school students that the gay lifestyle is dangerous…. just the same as I could find a doctor that would come in and talk about the dangers of the smoking lifestyle. I could find someone who talks about the dangers of running down Big Beaver Road — it’s a wonderful form of exercise but you could get hit by a car.

Listen to the full interview:

Last year, Iowa’s The FAMiLY LEADER infamously linked to a now-defunct site called “Second Hand Effects” that described homosexuality as a public health crisis akin to smoking.


Organizers of Daniels’ recall submitted 9,300 signatures, well over the 7,985 that were necessary to force the vote. Though her’ anti-gay comments are not the only motivation for the recall effort, they have certainly received the most public attention and outcry.