Mike Huckabee On Israel

America’s leading Christian Zionist politician gives his view on Jews:

He recently recalled a dinner with Jewish friends, “when I was the only goyim in the entire group.”

“If you’ve been around a lot of Jewish people, particularly from New York, they tend to be very opinionated, very animated,” he said. “I felt like I was sitting between Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen — it was really interesting; it was surreal.”

And on the Jewish state:


We had stopped by to see where Jesus was baptized, and instead there were these great-looking Israeli girls in bikinis, just showing off and flirting,” he recalled.

On demographics:

“The real answer is that there’s an aggressive interest in bringing Jews from around the world to the homeland,” Huckabee said.

And on why there can be no Palestinian state:

“This is not a battle of borders; this is one of worldviews,” he said. “It goes back to Isaac and Ishmael, and it’s not going to be changed by a couple of presidents or prime ministers.”

Huckabee said he views this not as a religious framework but as a historical one.

“Abraham was a very real person, and his sons were, and their offspring have fought from time immemorial to bring it to this day.”

I have no particular view on whether or not Abraham was a real historical person, but trying to view present-day political disputes as mere extensions of events that occurred thousands of years in the past isn’t going to have a happy ending.