The walls are closing in on Milo Yiannopoulos

After ThinkProgress reporting, Milo's online store disappears.

Milo Yiannopoulos's Shopify store seems to have  disappeared. (CREDIT: AP/MARY ALTAFFER)
Milo Yiannopoulos's Shopify store seems to have disappeared. (CREDIT: AP/MARY ALTAFFER)

Last week, ThinkProgress reported on Shopify, a Canadian company specializing in sales platforms, providing disgraced provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos with a store to monetize the latest white nationalist trend.

This week, the store has disappeared.

It remains unclear if ThinkProgress’s reporting led directly to Shopify to sever its ties with Yiannopoulos, which continued long after Yiannopoulos’s apparent willingness to condone pedophilia and collaboration with white supremacists came to light. Neither Shopify nor Yiannopoulos responded to ThinkProgress’s questions.

However, the link to the “Milo Boutique” – which remains available on Yiannopoulos’s homepage – no longer leads to Yiannopoulos’s store. Instead, the landing page reads that the “shop is unavailable.”

A Google Cache search confirms that the site was up through last Friday, before its removal.

Likewise, it appears that the merchandise links on Yiannopoulos’s Facebook have also been removed. Where Yiannopoulos once sold shirts that, for instance, read that “It’s Okay To Be White” – the latest white nationalist meme, generated two weeks ago – the Facebook page, which previously took users to Shopify’s platform, appears to have been taken down.


As it is, Shopify has long claimed that removing stores from its services would be tantamount to censorship. When contacted last week, Shopify spokesperson Sheryl So told ThinkProgress that Shopify does “not consider [Yiannopoulos’s] store to be in breach of our [Acceptable Use Policy] at the moment. If it does, then we will prohibit them from using our services.” Indeed, Shopify continues to provide a platform for Breitbart’s store.

While Yiannopoulos hasn’t yet commented on the status of his store, or of his relationship with Shopify, users on Twitter have begun noticing the store’s disappearance.

With the store’s removal, it remains unclear how Yiannopoulos will make money moving forward. Having lost both his job with Breitbart and, more recently, funding from hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, Yiannopoulos’s store served as one of his few remaining sources of revenue. But with the store’s removal, it appears Yiannopoulos will have to rely on speaking fees and book sales that continue to disappoint.