Minnesota Children’s Hospital President Defends Same-Sex Parents

Minnesota faces a constitutional amendment next month banning same-sex marriage, but the president and CEO of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Dr. Alan Goldbloom, explained in an op-ed this week that the amendment would harm children:

During my four decades of involvement in children’s health care, I have seen my share of issues that harm children. However, from this time I can’t cite a single case in which the presence of loving, committed parents, heterosexual or homosexual, has negatively affected a child. In fact, all the evidence points to the opposite. Children are far more likely to thrive when they are in a stable family with loving parents, or in many cases, a loving single parent. […]

Based on firsthand experience, I can say that the best medicine and technology in the world will never equal the power of making a child feel safe, loved and supported. I’ve seen children and families walk through unthinkable tragedy and amazing triumph — in either case, children are in the best position when they are supported by loving people and when they are empowered to love themselves for exactly who they are.

Goldbloom encourages Minnesotans to vote no on the measure, because “ultimately, this amendment isn’t about law or politics, it’s about people.”