Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Features Stock Photos, Not Actual Minnesotans

Minnesotans United for All Families — a coalition opposing the state’s proposed anti-gay constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman — has discovered that proponents of inequality are having a hard time finding Minnesotans who oppose same-sex marriage. Yesterday, the anti-gay group released its first video of 2012, but rather than interviewing actual residents of the state, the commercial is “full of stock images”:

We tracked down the phony stock images of families that they used in their video, and we think you deserve to see the proof. Check them out: 1. Children Having Fun in Playground Together2. Loving and Playful Family3. Happy Bride and Groom Smiling Together4. Happy, Smiling Family5. A house, also found on a securities website6. And last but not least, this couple, who are also prominently featured on a website for a hospital in India!

Watch the video:


Relying on stock images is a fairly common practice in political campaigns, but anti-gay groups who argue that the public supports their view of “traditional marriage” seem particularly drawn to fake representations of families.