Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law Just Cost The State A Major Rock Show


Following Bruce Springsteen cancelling his concert Sunday in North Carolina over that state’s anti-LGBT law, Canadian rocker Bryan Adams has followed suit in Mississippi.

On Facebook and Instagram, Adams explained that he would be cancelling his April 14th concert over HB 1523, the sweeping “license to discriminate” law that claims to protect “religious liberty”:

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The increasing economic backlash against North Carolina and Mississippi has stirred debate about the most effective way to exert pressure for change. For example, historian Jim Downs argued at Salon this weekend that instead of boycotts, LGBT activists should be more determined to go to these unwelcoming states to push for more change.


In addition to having one of the weakest economies in the country, Mississippi also limits the subsidy it provides to Hollywood for filming there, thus minimizing the impact that external economic forces can have on the state’s policies.

Nevertheless, Adams’ protest, and similar performance boycotts that follow his and Springsteen’s lead, might help Mississippi voters learn that the best days of their lives are better spent respecting their LGBT neighbors in everything they do.