Missouri Lawmaker: Abortions To Save A Mother’s Life Are ‘A Matter Of Convenience’

Missouri Senate Majority Whip Brian Nieves (R) recently got into a testy exchange with a commenter on his Facebook page in which he claimed that abortions to save the life of a mother are “a matter of convenience.”

Nieves made the remark in a comment thread for a picture of a gun that he had uploaded to his Facebook. A commenter found the photo distasteful, prompting Nieves to ask him if he was similarly offended by “partial-birth abortions,” referring to abortions done in the third trimester of pregnancy (although the term itself refers to a specific abortion procedure and not all late-term abortions). When the commenter argued that most women undergo late term abortions to avoid potentially deadly health complications, Nieves responded with this:

There have been recent examples illustrating how critical a late-term abortion can be. In May, a Salvadoran woman had to fight for over three months to get an abortion because she had a chronic medical condition that rendered her fetus inviable. Doctors warned that continuing to carry the fetus would have resulted in the woman’s death.


Certain fetal complications also cannot be — or are not — detected until late in a pregnancy. For instance, Tammy Watts spoke out about her late-term abortion during the 2004 presidential campaign, when partial-birth abortion was front and center in the debate over abortion policy. Watts’ fetus was detected to have a fatal chromosomal abnormality and was already dying inside of her womb. Without a partial-birth abortion, Watts says she would be dead.

(HT: Huffington Post)