Missouri State Program Helped Hire 1,500 Veterans

The Southeast Missourian reported this week that a state program called “Show-Me Heros” has assisted in hiring 1,500 veterans. Program coordinator Shams Chughtai said more than 1,800 Missouri companies have pledged to take part in the program and “[w]hen a veteran applies at one of the companies, the employers will give them an interview and a chance to prove they’re right for the job.” While the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan vets declined 6 percent in January 2012 when compared to January 2011, the current rate is still higher than the overall jobless rate (12.1 percent versus 8.2 percent, respectively). President Obama has also pledged to reduce veteran unemployment, announcing in February a $6 billion jobs program which, if approved by Congress, will create opportunities for service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.