Mitt Romney As ‘The Office’s Michael Scott

Justin Long is working on ensuring his long-term employability in case Mitt Romney becomes our next president by proving he can nail a Mitt Romney impersonation:

And this is a dandy summary of Bain Capital: “We buy up struggling companies, and we streamline them. We make them better, smarter, more efficient. Mostly by firing people.” To my mind, the idea that Romney is enthusiastic about firing people, combined with the phoniness of the “my friends” verbal tic, is probably the best attack on him. There’s nothing worse than someone who thinks he’s connecting with folks but has no idea that he’s expressing ideas or philosophies that are actually offensive or reveal him to be out of touch.


In other words, President Obama should desperately hope that America decides that Mitt Romney is Michael Scott but with more sexual success and better suits. It’s one thing to watch someone desperately try to connect with the people he’s got working for him. It’s quite another to work for that person, or to have your country lead by him. I hope this does become a regular feature. Impressions helped define Sarah Palin. And the longer the Republican primary continues, the longer comedians will have to try out and perfect their material for fall, no matter who the eventual Republican nominee is.