Modus Ponens With the GOP

Thus, it’s worth pointing out that at today’s version of the House GOP’s now-daily “Let’s Drill Everywhere!” press conference, Rep. John Shinkus (R-Il) observed that “if drilling is good, then drilling and mining is better.” And, indeed, it’s true that if we think we should give zero consequences to the environmental, economic, and public health harms caused by the resource-extraction activities of the fossil fuel industry then we really should go beyond mining in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and all along America’s coastline — why not tear up as much of the country as possible looking for coal? In today’s Washington Times Republican Reps. Hoekstra and Shadegg argue that we should “Look at the extraordinary development in Dubai, the unfettered spending by Venezuela, and the vigorous economic boom in the Middle East.”

And it’s true, if we throw everything aside in the pursuit of fossil fuels we just might be able to transform America into a corrupt, resource-dependent autocracy! Of course if drilling isn’t good, then the rest of this doesn’t follow. Readers will, perhaps, have to draw their own conclusions about that.