Monday Invasive Species Blogging

Slow news day, so why not link to Mark Kaufmann’s Washington Post article about the environmental damage done by brown tree snakes in Guam. Although I have to admit that it’s a sign of just how slow a newsday this is that the whole snake situation isn’t really news. Rather, he explains that it’s already “one of the most infamous examples of what can happen when a nonnative species is introduced into a new environment.” Specifically, the snake “all but destroyed bird life on the northern Pacific island of Guam” after its introduction in the 1940s. All that’s new today is that we’ve learned that the environmental damage done by the snake is even larger in scope than previously believed.

Oh, well, maybe something more interesting to write about will come along . . . it’s a little disappointing for so little to be happening on the new blog’s official first day.