Moore than Enough

Although the pro-tax cut “Club for Growth” is often confused with the more popular “Hair Club for Men,” the group’s radical goals are much less benign than covering up a few bald spots. Since Stephen Moore started the Club in 1999, it has been known for being to the far right of the far right. In his time as President, Moore pursued an agenda so radical that even conservatives were appalled (Representative Jim Greenwood [R-PA] called the group “cannibals”). But don’t take their word for it — Stephen Moore’s quotes in last week’s Washington Post speak for themselves:

• On his family: “Sometimes we call our 3-year old Osama. That’s our pet name for him. He’ll probably be emotionally scarred for life.”

• On who he would sleep with if he could: (17-year old) “Maria Sharapova. Those legs!” • On his relationship with his wife: “She isn’t wild about [our bedroom decorations], but I’m the king of my castle. The hero of my life is Ralph Kramden, who used to say, ‘I’m the kind of the castle, and you’re just a lowly knave, Alice.’”

Moore’s quotes about the American economy are just as bizarre:


• On the elderly: “The most selfish group in America today is senior citizens. Their demands on Washington are, ‘Give us more and more and more’. . . One of the biggest myths in politics today is this idea that grandparents care about their grandkids.”

• On recent stock market scandals: “Insider trading should not be a crime.”

• On America’s needs: “We do not need more money for Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, education…”