More Apocalypses!

And this time, they’re British, rather than about establishing a new American frontier! I’m really considerably excited for Outcasts, and not simply because the cast is terrific, though it is, and I would probably give a chance anything that included Liam Cunningham, Jamie Bamber, and Eric Mabius. In most apocalypse art, the people who are left behind have some resources they can try to repurpose, some societal templates they try to preserve as a way to stay sane. In The Passage, we see how time and isolation break down those norms and resources and give way to new ones.What’s interesting to me about Outcasts is that, from the long conceptual description BBC’s released, the characters, in the wake of apocalypse, have made the decision to start their society over. I’ll be curious to see both what the baseline is, and what the characters decide to change about it as they start over. The one thing that gives me pause is the implication that the planet is somehow special and the implication that there is a Higher Purpose that brought the characters there. I’m a little concerned that the show might head for Battlestar Redux-land. Building a new society’s cool in and of itself. There doesn’t have to be mystical gobbledygook involved, too.