More Drilly Than The Oil Companies

The two main positive things I’ve heard about Sarah Palin from conservatives, reflecting the current mishmash of contradictions that is the McCain platform, is that like McCain she takes on big oil while also loving oil drilling. What does that mean? Gregg Erickson from the Anchorage Daily News explains:

Silver Spring, Md.: You say she “took on” the oil companies, but that she favors drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. In what ways did she stand up to Big Oil, and in what ways might she be in their pocket?

Gregg Erickson: She is strongly in favor of oil development. She just wants the state to get a bigger share of the profits, and wants the companies to develop their Alaska resources faster than the companies consider profitable or prudent.

Meanwhile, energy issues are the one area of substantial national concern that Palin seems to have some real background in. But my general sense is that when people talk about an “energy issue” or crisis or problem, that they’re not trying to say that current policy doesn’t work well enough for oil producing regions of the world. Maybe I’m wrong.