More Than 330,000 Children Would Benefit From Preschool For All

The Department of Education just released figures showing exactly how each state would benefit from enacting President Obama’s proposed preschool for all initiative. In total, about 338,000 children would be served in the first year of the program.

The states with the most children who would be impacted by the program are California, with 40,857, Texas, with 37,644, and Florida, with 20,242.

The proposal calls for an investment of $75 billion over the next decade, and states would have to match 10 percent of the money they receive in the first year. The states stand to see anywhere from $2,600,000 in federal dollars in North Dakota to $334,300,000 in California. The new report includes a map with fact sheets for spending in each state.

Some states are already moving ahead with plans to expand access to preschool, but overall the trend is going in the opposite direction: funding for preschool programs saw the largest drop ever last year, with states now spending the lowest amount per child in a decade.


Yet the economic benefits of investing in preschool are backed up by a wide body of research. Despite that evidence, the United States lags far behind its developed peers in how much it spends on early childhood education.