Morning Briefing: Battle Over Taxes Brewing In The Senate

— Senate Democrats are digging in their heels on their promise not to extend the expiring Bush tax cuts for the wealthy — but Republicans are also standing firm, poised to repeat their 2010 strategy of blocking tax cuts for the middle class if higher earners don’t also get a tax break.

— House GOPers haven’t given up on fighting against Obamacare, despite failing to repeal the law after over 30 attempts. Their new strategy: passing bill after bill to cut off funding for its major programs.

— The rising numbers of women competing in the Olympic games:

— Student debt has hit the middle aged, with new data from the New York Fed reporting that many debtors over 40 are still paying off the balance on their college loans while their home values and savings have both recently declined.


— The American Family Association’s Brian Fischer calls Obama a “street thug” who is destroying the country for the pleasure of it:

— And finally: The new Batman film comes out this week, and Rush Limbaugh wants you to know it’s all an anti-Romney conspiracy.