Morning Briefing: States, Start Your Scramble

— While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was in court, most states held off setting up health care exchanges. Only ten states and the District of Columbia have begun planning out their exchanges. Now, the rest are scrambling to get their exchanges set up in time.

— Yesterday’s decision has given Republicans a reason to start rallying hard around Mitt Romney. He raised $4.2 million immediately after the decision came out, and almost all of it came from small-dollar donors.


— Obamacare will help those who don’t have insurance get it. That’s good, because the number of uninsured Americans has been steadily growing:

— Stephen Colbert lampoons cable news channels that got yesterday’s decision wrong, “You suck at news!”:

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— And finally: The state of Oregon has set up a hotline where residents can call to report debris washing up on their shores from the Japanese tsunami.