Morning Briefing: Walker Survives Recall

— Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) won his recall election last night, beating challenger Mayor Tom Barrett 53-to-46 percent. Pending recounts, Democrats appear to have regained control of the state Senate, however.

— House GOP admit that a “mess” will result from partial repeal of Obamacare, but may be open to preserving some parts of the law.

— Climate change could cost Latin America and the Caribbean more than $100 billion by 2050, the Inter-American Development Bank warned on Tuesday.

— Jon Stewart critiqued the media’s coverage of the Wisconsin recall election on last night’s Daily Show, featuring Fox News’ interview with a random Wisconsin teacher who once lived in China:


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— And finally: First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the Top Ten list on last night’s “Late Show with David Letterman” to promote her book: “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.” Her top fun fact about gardening? “With enough care and effort, you can grow your own Barack-oli.”