Morning Briefing: Wisconsin Recall Election Looms

— Wisconsin voters head to the polls tomorrow to determine the outcome of the state’s recall election, which has pitted Republican Governor Scott Walker against Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in a tight race that has been flooded with outside money.

— After his bond was revoked last week, George Zimmerman went back to jail yesterday.

— Mitt Romney’s favorability ratings jumped from 34 percent to 48 percent over the past four months, according to a new poll out today. Romney still trails President Obama, who stands at 56 percent favorability and carries Americans under 30.

— The Obama campaign released a new ad today attacking Mitt Romney’s record as the governor of Massachusetts:


— U.S. prisoners make up one quarter of the entire prison population — and nearly half of those prisoners are in jail for nonviolent offenses (click to enlarge):

— And finally, after last week’s “Amercia” typo in the Romney campaign’s mobile app, Mitt Romney’s team has also made a spelling blunder on Facebook: