Morning CheckUp: April 18, 2012

Sen. Conrad to introduce a budget: “Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) bowed to pressure from fellow Democrats on Tuesday and postponed a committee vote on a 2013 budget resolution, most likely until after the November elections.” [The Hill]

GOP slams federal jobs created to implement Obama’s health law: “Republicans argued Tuesday that the Obama administration has hired droves of new bureaucrats to implement the administration’s healthcare reform law. The Joint Economic Committee, led by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), said Tuesday that the Health and Human Services Department has swelled because of ‘ObamaCare.’ Employment at HHS has grown by 11 percent under President Obama, the JEC said.” [The Hill]

Missouri House approves more abortion restrictions: “Physicians prescribing abortion-inducing drugs could face greater requirements than those performing surgical abortions under legislation that won preliminary approval Tuesday in the state House.” [AP]

Community health centers under pressure to improve care: “After doubling the number of patients served in the past decade to more than 20 million people a year, the mostly privately run, nonprofit centers are coming under increased pressure as they gear up for a major expansion under the health care law. “ [Kaiser Health News]


Sarah Silverman regrets abortion joke: “On Tuesday night, comedian Sarah Silverman apologized for her jokes about abortion late last week. She had posted a picture of herself with an inflated stomach, saying, ‘It’s a burrito!’ only to later post another picture with a flat stomach with the caption, ‘Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.’” [Politico]

California implements health reform: “A California Assembly committee debated implementing federal health insurance reform for millions of Californians with pre-existing conditions Tuesday. The federal healthcare reform act provides the framework, the outline, of what the new system is supposed to be like. But states have to pass their own laws to align with the feds so that states have jurisdiction. Tuesday saw a major step for Californians with pre-existing medical conditions.” [KABC]