Morning CheckUp: April 25, 2012

Republicans continue to pass health cuts in the House: “The House Appropriations Committee said Tuesday that healthcare programs will absorb major cuts as the panel tries to meet spending caps in the House-passed budget, sponsored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). The full Appropriations Committee capped its healthcare bill at $150 billion — $7 billion lower than the cap the Senate is working with.” The Energy and Commerce Committee meets Wednesday morning to vote on its recommended healthcare cuts. [The Hill]

Illinois governor defends proposal to raise cigarette taxes for health care: “Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn today defended his call to raise cigarette taxes as part of an effort to restructure the state’s health care program for the poor, saying the $1-a-pack increase will prevent the need for deeper cuts that could harm hospitals or spill over into other areas of spending, including education.” [Chicago Tribune]

Louisiana advances abortion restrictions: “The Louisiana Senate agreed Tuesday to change the sonogram requirements for a woman seeking an abortion in the state, including asking her if she would like to hear the fetal heartbeat. Women in Louisiana already are required to get an ultrasound before they can have an abortion. At the time, they are asked whether they want to view the sonogram and get a photo of the image.” [WJHG]

Arizona sends Planned Parenthood funding ban to Brewer: “Considering the multitude of anti-choice and anti-rights measures that have passed the Arizona state legislature this session, including the country’s earliest so-called fetal pain ban, it should not be surprising to learn that the state senate has approved a ban on all funding to Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that the provider does not use public dollars for abortions.” [RH Reality Check]


Jobs for Christians: “Across the country, crisis pregnancy centers that refuse to hire non-Christians are receiving taxpayer funding and other forms of government support.” [American Independent]