Morning CheckUp: April 30, 2012

Health spending is flattening out: “The growth of health spending has slowed substantially in the last few years, surprising experts and offering some fuel for optimism about the federal government’s long-term fiscal performance.” [NYT]

Obama reaches out to women voters: “Casting his re-election along gender lines, President Barack Obama told hundreds of female supporters Friday that Republicans seem determined to meddle in women’s health decisions in ways that are ‘appalling, offensive and out of touch.’ A recent fight over contraception access, Obama said, was like ‘being in a time machine.’” [AP]

Food and drink lobby hit anti-obesity efforts hard: “The food and beverage lobbies have fought hard in recent years to defeat policies aimed at changing America’s diet, according to an analysis published Friday. Industry groups more than doubled their spending in Washington over the last three years, Reuters found, and groups fighting for stricter standards were vastly outspent.” [The Hill]

Planned Parenthood slashed lobbying spending amid Komen controversy: “The Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its advocacy arm, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, spent a total of roughly $99,000 in the first quarter on lobbying activities. That’s a huge drop from the fourth quarter of last year, when the two groups spent a combined $839,000 on lobbying.” [The Hill]


States could be in a bind on mandate: “If the Supreme Court strikes down the health reform law’s individual mandate, the states at the forefront of implementing the law could find themselves like Wile E. Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons: racing ahead only to discover there’s no ground underneath their feet.” [Politico]