Morning CheckUp: February 2, 2012

House repeals CLASS: “The House on Wednesday evening voted to repeal a section of the 2010 health reform law establishing a voluntary, long-term healthcare program that the Obama administration has since said is not financially viable. Members voted 267–159 in favor of the bill. 28 Democrats joined Republicans in support of the bill.” [The Hill]

Santorum’s malpractice hypocrisy: Rick Santorum “had asked for more damages in his wife’s medical malpractice lawsuit than the legal limit he would like to impose on all malpractice victims.” [Huffington Post]

Health insurer Aetna saw 73% profit growth: “Health care costs, or the amount Aetna paid in medical claims, fell 2 percent in the quarter to $5.59 billion. The insurer also saw an after-tax benefit of about $63 million because claims leftover from prior periods came in lower than expected.” [AP]

Rules could save billions in prescription drugs: “The federal government is proposing to help states cut prescription costs by creating a national database of prices pharmacies pay for the drugs they dispense.” [Stateline]


Private managed care isn’t working in Florida: When the Florida Legislature “decided last year to cap Medicaid funding and turn long-term care over to private managed care companies, some experts warned that growing waiting lists would drive people into expensive nursing homes. A study released Tuesday by the Legislature’s own policy analysts underscores that fear.” [Tampa Bay Times]