Morning CheckUp: January 11, 2012

Romney wins New Hampshire: “The former governor of neighboring Massachusetts won easily, solidifying his status as the odds-on favorite to win his party’s presidential nomination. With 91 percent of the vote in, Mr. Romney led with 39 percent, 16 points ahead of second-place finisher Ron Paul.” Only 5 percent of voters said “health care” was the most important issue in casting their vote, according to exit polls. [Christian Science Monitor]

States file legal arguments in ACA challenge: “Twenty-six states on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to overturn the health care reform law’s mandatory state expansion of the Medicaid program, a sleeper issue in the health care reform lawsuit that could determine how much leverage the federal government has with the states on any issue.” [Jennifer Haberkorn]

Maine’s health care cuts: “The childless adults Gov. Paul LePage has proposed dropping from MaineCare are far from young and healthy, despite rhetoric to the contrary, according to a report released Monday by an advocacy group for the poor.” [Bangor Daily News]

Virginia Democrats propose health bill: “Virginia House Democrats proposed a measure Tuesday to establish health insurance exchanges in the state to meet requirements of the federal health care law, calling it a way to keep Washington at bay.” [Washington Post]


Marijuana easier on lungs than cigarettes: “Smoking marijuana has just got to be bad for the lungs, since it’s been made abundantly clear that cigarettes wreak havoc. Or so it would seem.” [NPR]

An 8-year-old lobbies for anti-abortion bill: “The 8-year-old wants the Ohio Senate to take action on the Heartbeat Bill, legislation that would ban abortions within weeks of conception.” “I’m here to save babies with beating hearts,” Christian, barely tall enough to peer over a podium, told a packed committee hearing room. “And I want to tell the senators to pass the Heartbeat Bill right now. And when I mean right now, I mean right now.” [The Daily Record]

Court upholds Texas’ ultrasound law: “A Texas law requiring abortion providers to show or describe an ultrasound image to a woman of her pregnancy and to play sounds of the fetal heart does not violate the Constitution, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday.” [Reuters]