Morning CheckUp: January 20, 2012

Santorum goes after Romneycare: “Former Senator Rick Santorum went after Romney for the health-care overhaul he signed into law in Massachusetts, which has an individual mandate like the federal law.” “Of Romney and Gingrich, Santorum said that he was working on conservative causes “while these two guys were playing footsie with the left.” Romney’s retort: “If you want to be governor of Massachusetts, that’s fine, but I want to be president of the United States.” [Daily Beast]

Romney explains himself: “On stage for the final debate before the South Carolina primary Thursday, Mitt Romney gave one of his longest and most detailed answers about how he’d seek to repeal the health care law, and how he’d replace it.” [TPM]

Abortion wars burned hot in 2011: “States passed a whopping 67 new laws last year that restrict access to abortion, NARAL Pro-Choice America said Thursday. And the House took eight votes on anti-abortion-rights measures, the most since 2000.” [The Hill]

Health records access expanded for federal employees: “Health insurance carriers that provide coverage for federal employees must soon begin offering their members additional downloading and data-sharing capabilities.” [Modern Healthcare]


Colorado GOP go after health care law: “Colorado’s Republican-led House on Thursday passed what the GOP calls a new tactic to challenge the federal health care overhaul. The House voted 33–31, largely along party lines, to call for a state-initiated amendment to the U.S. Constitution repealing last year’s health care law.” [CBS News]

Ohio of two minds on health reform: “When it comes to federal health reform, the Kasich administration seems to be of two minds. One of Gov. John Kasich’s top appointees, Greg Moody, has enthusiastically embraced a key goal of health reform: boosting quality and moving toward more preventive, coordinated care. But a second official, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who Kasich tapped to head Ohio’s insurance department, has impeded implementation of the Affordable Care Act, calling it a ‘catastrophic law.’” [Newark Advocate]

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Americans: “Mental illnesses are among the most common health problems facing Americans, with 20 percent of adults having a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. That’s according to a new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.” [NPR]