Morning CheckUp: January 26, 2012

House Republicans call for reform correspondence: “An upcoming magazine feature has led House Republicans to renew demands for copies of administration correspondence leading up to passage of the 2010 federal healthcare overhaul.” [Modern Healthcare]

Majority think ideology will affect SCOTUS’s health care ruling: “Six in 10 people think that the justices’ decision on the individual mandate will be based on their own ideological views rather than legal analysis.” [Kaiser Health News]

Michelle Obama releases nutrition standards: “First lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday unveiled tougher nutrition standards that school meals will have to meet starting this year. The new standards were required by the 2010 school nutrition bill that increased funding for school meals.” [The Hill]

Virginians support ultrasound law: “According to the study, 54 percent of people back the law, 28 percent oppose it and 18 percent are undecided. Interestingly, more women back the idea than men, with 57 percent of women lending their support compared to 50 percent of men.” [WDBJ]


Indiana limits abortion pill: “An Indiana Senate committee on Wednesday approved a proposal to tighten laws on how women can receive the so-called abortion pill even though doctors testified that the measure mandates prescription of a more dangerous higher dosage. “ [Chicago Tribune]

States wait to implement health reform: “Uncertainty over the fate of health reform, centered on the Supreme Court case and the presidential election, has led some states to adopt a wait-and-see approach that may make it impossible for them to meet Health and Human Service’s timeline for building their own insurance exchanges.” [Politico]