Morning CheckUp: March 26, 2012

Battle over health law reaches Supreme Court: “Two years and three days after President Barack Obama signed into law a health care overhaul aimed at extending medical insurance to more than 30 million Americans, the high court begins three days of hearings over the law’s validity.” [AP]

A legal guide to the health care arguments: Monday: Can the courts even rule on the constitutionality of the law right now Tuesday: Can the government force you to buy health insurance? Wednesday morning: If the mandate is struck down, do all the other provisions of the law fall? Wednesday afternoon: Is Congress unconstitutionally twisting the arms of the states by requiring them to expand Medicaid? [NPR]

Obama campaign manager calls Romney ‘Godfather’ of healthcare: “’Mitt Romney is the godfather of our health care plan,’ Plouffe said on NBC’s Meet the Press. ‘If he is president, remarkably he is running away from that past, and he says he is going to try to throw all this away. We’re going to have a big fight about health care again.’” [Politico]

Tea Party to rally against health care law: “’We want our freedom back,’ former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain told hundreds of ralliers standing in the rain in Upper Senate Park, a few hundred yards from the steps of the Supreme Court. … The rally largely marks the big return to Washington for the Tea Party, a loose organization of grassroots groups that helped conservative Republicans take over the House in the 2010 wave election.” [Fox News]


McConnell says there are no plans to take another vote on health repeal: “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) used the Republicans’ weekly address Saturday to call for dismantling President Obama’s sweeping healthcare law,” but said on Friday that “no decision has been made about whether to push for another vote to repeal the healthcare reform law before the presidential election.” [The Hill]