Morning CheckUp: March 28, 2012

Final day of SCOTUS challenge: The Supreme Court will hear the severability question and the Medicaid question, which “could give the Government another opportunity to make its case for the mandate. The window might be small, but it surely will present itself at some point.” [ACA Litigation Blog]

Some already devising a plan b? “State officials and insurance executives are devising possible alternatives to the coming federal requirement that most Americans buy health insurance, even as the Supreme Court hears arguments about the constitutionality of the mandate.” [NYT]

In Massachusetts the SCOTUS debate is irrelevant: “The health care battle that began this morning at the Supreme Court is one of the most important of our lifetime. But the direct effect on Massachusetts, which created the framework for the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), is minimal, at best.” [Capsules]

New budget from House centrists: “A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House will offer a budget plan Thursday based on the recommendations of President Obama’s fiscal commission.” [The Hill]


Senate could vote on IPAB/medical liability this week: “A combined measure to establish federal malpractice caps and repeal a controversial Medicare cost control board could come up for a Senate vote as early as this week. The measure, which passed the House of Representatives last week, was formally placed on the Senate’s legislative calendar, although no specific date for a vote has been set.” [Modern Healthcare]